Kurtis Wright-Pottinger

🆕First Interview of 2020

📱Meet: Kurtis Wright-Pottinger

📈Founder: Let’s Play The Game
⚽️ Experiences: Coaching local teams and in schools for almost 16 years now

🗣“Every child has their own development pathway, some want to just make friends and have fun others want to really hone their skills and take it as far as they possibly can.

Whatever their journey, a parent should be flexible with their expectations and have lots of PATIENCE!”

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One thought on “Kurtis Wright-Pottinger

  1. Just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you all know about a Book I have written on Raising an Elite Junior Athlete coming soon to Amazon. As a globally traveled sports parent and enthusiast the book is a step-by-step guide written to give today’s sports parents an insight into raising young athletes with bits of knowledge, data, and instruments they will need to raise incredible competitors,

    Coming soon to Amazon.


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