Jorg van der Breggen: Part 1

🆕: Interview Series: Part 1

🙌🏻Meet: Jorg van der Breggen

⚽️ Role: Dutch FA – Coordinator Football Development

💭 “My tendency in the beginning to maybe keep the parents away, because of the pressure and the hazzle changed completely by bringing them closer so they better understood what we were doing. The ‘enemy’ became the ‘resource’. And I really do think that as coaches we sometimes need to be a little bit humbler, because parents know their kids much better than we as coaches do. So, I believe that it is very important to make them a part of the process!”

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You can find more about Jorg on these social media outlets:

Twitter: @JvanderB78

LinkedIn: Jorg 

Instagram: jvdb_78

Thank you Jorg for taking the time to complete the following interview questions.

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One thought on “Jorg van der Breggen: Part 1

  1. While the parents maybe a distraction, they should never be kept away from their children, easpecially young ones. I have done it, ie. raised and elite athlete and have written a book from a hands-on parent point of view.


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