Coaching Methodology

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The lockdown has given me sufficient time to devise an E-Book surrounding what represents and illustrates my coaching. With an unbelievable amount of resources available now more than ever and some I’ve collated over the years, I wanted to get everything into one place. I’ve utilised and adapted amazing work from other organisations and coaches from around the world that all provide an insight into how I view, plan, approach, and reflect within my environment.

With everything, I’m humble enough to credit other people’s work and have made a conscious effort to contact as many people as possible to highlight their contribution within the E-Book. Again if I haven’t reached out to you or you feel a certain document(s) are adapted from something you’ve created, please get in contact and we’ll credit you immediately.

This has been a personal project only for my own development as a coach where I’ve spent countless hours over the last few months to create all these resources, principles, and key messages that define my coaching on Canva. I’ve attempted to be as objective as possible having supporting literature behind these key messages. I totally understand that there could be other alternative methods and principles that I could’ve included or there could be some that you disagree with (and that’s okay). As I mentioned, at the start these are a representation of my coaching and suited to the environment that I coach, and with the experiences and knowledge that have shaped my methodologies within coaching and will hopefully continue to do so.

Little snippet:

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Thank you

Richard Cashman

Founder: The Sporting Influencer and The Sporting Resource

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