Change the reward: Change the game

Change the reward: Change the game

 Will Cromack @WillCromack –

I strongly advise coaches and parents to take 15minutes and watch the following video. Will Cromack will attempt to change your mindset and culture towards youth sport.

“With the little shift, one little focus change the game had changed for them, there was a new victory in town. One tiny little shift towards development outcomes a cause to motivate changed the game for the players, for the coaches, for the parents and now the community.” @WillCromack

Personal note:

I’m extremely proud of “parents” that I previously worked alongside and collaborated with . As each week, we were brave in terms of going against a culture that surrounds winning at all cost in the US. Instead we focused on developmental goals (Individual and Team) as mentioned by @WillCromack, we also focused upon positive reinforcement. When each game arrived I was so humbled and over-whelmed that parents understood the benefits of their behavior and approach and most importantly silence. We created an environment for players to learn flourish and express themselves without judgement. It was clearly evident during every practice and game, how much players enjoyed participating, trying new things and being apart of a team.


Big thanks to Will for allowing me to share the following video.

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