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I’ve been assisting people from around the world with enhancing their CVs, from which I’ve received tremendous feedback and acknowledgement for such efforts and contributions. This has resulted in being tagged and contacted through various social media platforms to assist more coaches with their CV.

I’m no expert in designing these and do not preach to know everything about CVs, I’ve gained experiences like many of us in applying for different roles and in many cases my CV not even standing out/being selected. I’ve experimented over the years with different formants, templates and designs. Let’s be honest there isn’t a right or wrong way to create a CV, but what we can attempt is to create a CV that is innovative, eye-catching and professional. Providing a quality first impression, will make potential employers want to read the whole CV and learn more about you, with an attractive, neat and well laid out, visual CV for the best possible opportunity to be considered.

Here are 3 OLD examples of CVs I once had and used when applying for jobs:

With experience, learning from others, receiving feedback and experimenting I’ve now got CVs I’m proud and confident to use when and If I apply for jobs.  These (see below) have gained interest from around the world and from which I’ve continued to support others with theirs. CVs can utilise interactive QR codes that can be linked onto further platforms to add an extra exciting element to your CV where employers can find more information about you.

Here same examples of interactive CVs I’ve designed had and used when applying for jobs:


These CV can include QR codes that can be linked to:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Documents i.e. Philosophy/E-Books/Game Model etc.
  • Coaching Video
  • Work Presentations
  • Coaching Assessment
  • Websites
  • And a lot more:

Here’s some feedback from coaches, that I’ve managed to support in creating their personalised and interactive CV:

Additional personal feedback:

“Awesome Richard. Definitely something that is an interesting way to incorporate some more personalized info about yourself or philosophy to get across to the hiring board”. 

“Your CV stood out from the 25 other applications and I wanted to take the time to tell you how impressed we were with the structure, design and overall CV, one of the best we’ve seen. We really appreciate your taking the time to apply and sharing our CV with us, we’ll most certainly keep your CV on record with us for any future openings”Head of Academy, at a Welsh Premier Club

Take Action

It’s time to decide If you’re going to continue with the same old CV or whether you’re going to TAKE ACTION to increase your possibility of getting noticed for jobs you’ve always wanted.

Please complete the below contact form for a free consultation and we’ll work together to build you the best possible CV.

Really appreciate all the support

Thank you

Richard Cashman

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