Game Model

The lockdown has given me sufficient time to devise an E-Book surrounding what represents and illustrates my “GAME MODEL”.

I’m always humble enough to credit other people’s work and have made a conscious effort to contact as many people as possible to highlight their contribution. Again if I haven’t reached out to you or you feel a certain document(s) are adapted from something you’ve created, please get in contact and we’ll credit you immediately.

This has been a personal project only for my own development as a coach where I’ve spent countless hours over the last few months to create all these resources, principles, and key messages that define my “Game Model”. This is my first approach in designing a Game Model document or culmination broken sub-sections that best illustrate it. Hopefully, with experience, implementation and feedback I can continue to enhance this moving forwards, but I’m being brave and courageous enough to put my hard work out there to be seen and critiqued in order to grow.

In terms of implementing the documents, it will be done slowly and within various elements of the e-book that can be digestible with the intention of not overloading players/coaches with information

Here’s a quick video that highlights the extensive resource:

Game Model

Thank you

If you’d like to connect and discuss any of the material included please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my utmost to respond to your message as soon as possible.

Richard Cashman

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