Individual Development Plan (IDP)


  • All of the IDP may be used as a single process with individual players.
  • Alternatively, you might use certain sections only, that are applicable to you and your environment.

After seeing several excellent ones on social media and discussing them with various staff within the game, I decided to use all of that information and put something together that I could share freely with you.

I’m no expert and make no claim to be one; I’m simply trying to improve. You may find all of this appropriate and/or beneficial to the environment you coach in, others may find portions of it relevant, and yet others may utilise this to develop their own ideas. If I can help (directly or indirectly) in creating/producing something, the resource has served a purpose in some sense.


Download: Blank Template

PowePoint Template:

Fonts/designs may change or adjust upon downloading.


Given that this is my first try at producing this sort of document, I’m open to suggestions on how to improve the concept. As a result, please contact us if you have any constructive feedback.

Feel free to use whatever is relevant and appropriate to you.

Thank you

Richard Cashman