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Many sporting influencers (Defined: Parents) fail to truly capture their role, responsibilities and child expectations within the youth sporting environment, as a result many miss vital opportunities to aid the child’s development through their chosen sport. Do you want to help or hinder your child level of enjoyment and development? If you want to HELP – Why not complete the FREE course in your own time.

National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) provides a FREE online course  calledPositive Sport Parenting“providing information and resources to help educate you (Parents) on the importance of proper behavior by parents in school sports and the role you must play to ensure your child has a positive sport experience.

Yes, the course is aimed towards school sport, however many of the units discussed are applicable to youth sport.

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Course Outline:

Unit 1: What interscholastic are about? 

  • Welcome
  • What kind of parent are you?
  • Interscholastic Athletics
  • Long Perspective

Unit 2: What you and your want out of school sport? 

  • Goals
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Academic Goals

Unit 3: Having a successful educational sport experience?

  • Be supportive
  • Be encouraging
  • Be the interpreter
  • Being a model

Unit 4: Making the call

  • You decide

Unit 5: Plan for improvement 

  • Taking Action

Unit 6: Conclusion 

  • Keeping Perspective
  • NFHS Message

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