Identifying different characteristics of youth sport parents​

🔘The Sideline: Identifying different characteristics of youth sport parents​🔘

➡️ Disinterested
➡️ Over-Critical
➡️ Sideline Coaching
➡️ The Supportive


Parent’s behaviors can be a source of either support or stress to young athletes. Which one are you


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Half Time 1-1: Full Time 15-1 – What happened?



Recently the above tweet brought a lot of attention upon itself, with coaches and parents from around the world giving their opinions also sharing similar experiences. How many of us can relate with such experience? Whilst discussing the above tweet with a parent, he decided to share his experience as a coach with The Sporting Influencer.


All of us involved in youth sports need to remember that, our purpose is to develop people and secondly players.

Let’s make the game competitive for both teams, include everyone and have some fun.

Surely we can agree on that?

Read more here:

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Laurie McGinley

🔉‼️New Interview ‼️🔉


➖Interview Series➖

Meet: Laurie McGinley
Roles: Football Development Officer at @GlasgowGirlsFC & Head Coach of the Senior Development Team.
Co-Founder: Curve Mindset
UEFA A Candidate ⚽️

“This is difficult due to parents wanting to do the best for their children but at the end of the day it’s the child who is the one who is participating.”


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Recognising and managing ‘The Chimp’



🆕 Guest Blog ‼️
📖 Written by Working with Parents in Sport

“Being involved in our child’s sporting experience is one of those times where the ‘chimp’ may rear its ugly head on a regular basis.

“The chimp brain works with feelings; the human brain works with facts”


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Interview Part 1 : Bill Courtney


🗣: Bill Courtney –


*Football Coach at Manassas High School, a story that inspired a Hollywood film— Undefeated —which won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Feature Length Documentary.*

Part 1:

Part 2:

Enjoy 🙂

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