It’s fantastic to announce that the website has now merged all of the resources from the Sporting Influencer and Sporting Resource into one location for you to access.

The Sporting Influencer

Parents have been identified as one of the major influences on a child’s level of enjoyment and participation in any particular sport. Having coached youth football through to senior football over many years, we’ve been fortunate to encounter and observe a wide range of approaches, from the very enthusiastic and positive, uninterested, to the negative, uneducated, and unsupported parents, all of which have an impact on the overall experience for many. All of this is covered on the website in a variety of formats, including interviews, quotes, guest blogs, videos, resources etc.

With elite football players becoming multi-millionaires and living in luxury, some parents have unreasonable expectations for their children to attain such heights at a young age. Such an approach places an unnecessary emotional and psychological burden on those young players as they strive to participate and develop in their own sports journey. Some parents, on the other hand, recognise and, more significantly, acknowledge the long-term player development and journey, as well as the importance of participation and enjoyment in the sport.

The website’s mission is to encourage, educate, and share contributions which may help coaches, organisations, and parents manage a multitude of topics and/or concerns across the youth sports environment. We’d like to emphasise that any suggestions provided must be thoroughly reviewed and tailored to the individual and/or team’s context.

The Sporting Resource

The Sporting Resource is a FREE platform that allows the coaching community to discover and freely share resources from all over the world.

We hope to share as many materials as possible with you; any resources created by others will be credited where possible.