The American Experience



Throughout my undergraduate degree course, I volunteered to participate in Luciana De Silva’s at the time  Ph.D. research project at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Luciana, is now a Programme Manager and Senior Lecturer at Hartpury College and is currently in the final stage of her doctoral research at Cardiff Metropolitan University and also currently the Head Coach for Bristol City Women’s Futsal. The research project involved me discussing and reflecting upon my university course and coaching experiences with fellow peers. This research project allowed me to understand other perspectives surrounding an array of topics, also and, more importantly, reflect and make sense of my own experiences.  On my first return to the UK from coaching in United States of America (USA) in November 2014 and reconnecting with Luciana, a similar idea surfaced about creating an article in a diary format sharing my experiences during my time in the US, hopefully, this personal reflection will provide you (the reader) the opportunity to feel and experience what I did.

I do not have a definitive or concise answer, “Why the US?”, I just loved New York City (NYC). I’ve had a picture of the NYC skyline on my bedroom wall since the age of 13 and always said I’d go there.  I often spoke to coaches, whom were experienced and have been given an opportunity to coach in the US previously. By communicating with other coaches, I was trying to understand and prepare myself, but I knew, firstly I had to accumulate more experience and qualifications before attempting to step into the unknown. I continued my progress as a coach at various organisations in North and South Wales (United Kingdom), along the way obtaining my coaching qualifications and earning a Diploma at Bangor College, Wales and a sports coaching degree from Cardiff Met University, Wales.

Eventually, I applied to coach soccer in the US….

I’ll be publishing reflective blogs to cover the following topics individually:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • The initial step into the unknown
  • Summer Camps
  • Fall & Spring Ball

Hope you all enjoy.