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The lockdown has given me sufficient time to devise an E-Book surrounding what represents and illustrates my coaching. With an unbelievable amount of resources available now more than ever and some I’ve collated over the years, I wanted to get everything into one place. I’ve utilised and adapted amazing work from other organisations and coaches from around the world that all provide an insight into how I view, plan, approach, and reflect within my environment.

With everything, I’m humble enough to credit other people’s work and have made a conscious effort to contact as many people as possible to highlight their contribution within the E-Book. Again if I haven’t reached out to you or you feel a certain document(s) are adapted from something you’ve created, please get in contact and we’ll credit you immediately.

This has been a personal project only for my own development as a coach where I’ve spent countless hours over the last few months to create all these resources, principles, and key messages that define my coaching on Canva. I’ve attempted to be as objective as possible having supporting literature behind these key messages. I totally understand that there could be other alternative methods and principles that I could’ve included or there could be some that you disagree with (and that’s okay). As I mentioned, at the start these are a representation of my coaching and suited to the environment that I coach, and with the experiences and knowledge that have shaped my methodologies within coaching and will hopefully continue to do so.

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The Vicious Circle

🆕 Content: The Vicious Circle

💭”As coaches and parents, you should understand what motivates children to play football. These motivations are usually quite different from those of adults. If a coach takes the time to explain to parents and players what kind of comments are appropriate and why then young players have a better chance of flourishing.

Sometimes a vicious circle can form when a parent exhibits negative influencers.

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📍*Information/graphic originally retrieved from ©️ FA England: E:Learning: The Psychology Award Level 1.

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Ross Struel – Clarke


🆕: Interview Series
Meet: Ross Struel – Clarke
Coached in: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇨🇳 🇺🇸

🗣“Players need to make their own mistakes and then they will learn from them in the future and it is important parents and coaches identify this and create an environment where players can make mistakes. In this incident I did speak to the parent individually and he stopped standing behind the goal. I explained the reasons behind it and to be fair he understood. That’s why it is important to have an open and honest dialogue with parents as a coach.”

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The key to communicating effectively with your child’s coach

NEW Guest Blog by Working with Parents in Sport

“Many parents can find this incredibly tough and finding the right balance is not always easy. Some parents are afraid to communicate anything with their child’s coach as they may be perceived to be pushy, unhinged or interfering….”

“Other parents can be overly involved and vocal both in their support and in their conversations with the coach, often overstepping the mark in what should be a healthy two way relationship…..”


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Most viewed contents in 2018

Let’s start by celebrating our most successful year to date. We managed to accumulate 35,649 views on our website, beating the previous year 2017 views by 6,618. Thank you.
Now let’s share the most viewed contents in 2018:

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Gérard Jones, MSc, PGCE

🆕Interview Series: Gérard Jones, MSc, PGCE


⚽️Current Roles: Director of Coaching & Player Development at John Jay FC in Katonah-Lewisboro, New York. Responsible for Staff Development in Connecticut and New York for UK Elite Soccer. Men’s Head Coach at John Jay High School (U19s). USSF Coach Educator.


💻 Other: Business Owner, Author, Public Speaker, Coach Educator, Teacher

🗣“Parents have a significant role to play where they have to offer unconditional support and ‘attention’ to their children and others which means, praise and encourage effort not the ability or performance outcome primarily.”

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Massive thank you to Gérard for completing the interview and huge congratulations from us for becoming a father! 🎉

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Identifying different characteristics of youth sport parents​

🔘The Sideline: Identifying different characteristics of youth sport parents​🔘

➡️ Disinterested
➡️ Over-Critical
➡️ Sideline Coaching
➡️ The Supportive


Parent’s behaviors can be a source of either support or stress to young athletes. Which one are you


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Half Time 1-1: Full Time 15-1 – What happened?



Recently the above tweet brought a lot of attention upon itself, with coaches and parents from around the world giving their opinions also sharing similar experiences. How many of us can relate with such experience? Whilst discussing the above tweet with a parent, he decided to share his experience as a coach with The Sporting Influencer.


All of us involved in youth sports need to remember that, our purpose is to develop people and secondly players.

Let’s make the game competitive for both teams, include everyone and have some fun.

Surely we can agree on that?

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